Dear students and colleagues,

According to a press release (in Chinese) published by the Central Epidemic Control Center (CECC) on May 13, restrictions on gathering size (100 people indoors; 500 people outdoors) will be lifted if the daily anti-COVID-19 instructions are strictly followed during the event. Starting June 1, NTU’s anti-COVID-19 measures will be update as below:

1、 NTU’s 2020 Commencement Ceremony will be open to all doctoral graduates and to 5% of the bachelor’s/master’s graduates of each department or graduate institute. Every graduate can invite 2 family members at most to attend the ceremony.

2、 Classes, meetings, and club activities of 100 participants or more can be held physically on campus.

3、 The access control on the main campus will be lifted. However, building access control should continue before further adjustment is made according to epidemic development.

4、 We will make timely changes to NTU’s anti-COVID-19 measures depending on epidemic development.

The daily anti-COVID-19 instructions include keeping social distance (1.5m indoors; 1m outdoors), wearing a mask whenever social distancing is impractical, conducting real-name registration and temperature check, implementing crowd control, and enhancing environmental disinfection.

Sincerely yours,

NTU Secretariat

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