Mechanics is a key foundation of engineering. We often enjoy the convenience of technological inventions with little awareness what buried behind the design and manufacturing of each invention is a myriad of analyses, calculations, measurements and experiments. From submarines, rockets and satellites, to microelectromechanical systems and electronic packaging, technologies available today are the collective work of the scientific progress in solid mechanics, fluid mechanics, kinematics, and various other fields. At IAM, we actively promote large-scale meta-research. Our students and faculty are trained in both theoretical, experimental and data analyses emphasizing both academic and practical aspects of our research. We make every effort to contribute to the development of our country, and to make an impact in the world.

Since our establishment, year after year, we strive to expand our teaching and facilities, as well as improve our education and research. As of now, we have 30 full-time academic staff —including 2 joint appointment professors—and 201 postgraduate students. Additionally, we frequently invite influential scholars from all over the world to give lectures and take part in our research programs.

Since 1994, the primary focus of our research shifted from military technology to the construction of our country’s industries. With exceptional research teams and top-notch equipment, we strive toward towards world-class research in mechanics, and apply them in the industry as appropriate.

Our research projects include:

  1. Ministry of Science and Technology Research Project 科技部專題研究計畫
  2. Industry-Academia Cooperation Project 產學合作計畫
  3. Ministry of Education Projects of Commissioned Research 教育部委託研究計畫
  4. National Defense Foundation Projects of Commissioned Research 國防基金委託研究計畫
  5. Ministry of Economic Affairs Academic Technology Development Program 經濟部學界科專計畫
  6. Industrial Cooperative Education Cooperation Project 業界建教合作計畫

With annual funds exceeding 100 million NTD.

Our current research focuses on the following:

  1. Waves and MEMS/NEMS波動與微/奈米機電系統
  2. Biomedical and Energy System 生醫與能源系統
  3. Meso-scale Mechanics 跨尺度力學系統

IAM currently has 27 doctoral students and 174 master's students, forming a strong research team under the guidance and mentoring of our faculty. Our student to teacher ratio is 6.7, which is on par with Harvard's ratio of 6 and U. Tokyo's of 6. In addition to a highly competent teaching force and research staff, we have 6 outstanding technical staff to assist with teaching and research, and also 2 group members and 2 contract employees to aid in administration.

We believe that with the contribution of each and every member of the faculty, both staff and students alike, our institute will continue to grow, contributing to nurturing of future leaders and world-class scientific advancement.

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