Dear colleagues,

The new semester is approaching soon. The Covid-19 pandemic has been contained locally, whereas the global situation is still worrisome. We need to remain united to create a safe environment for our students and all the members of the NTU community.

The Office of Academic Affairs would like to advise the following measures regarding teaching and learning for the upcoming semester:

1.In principle, courses will be offered in person for the 110-2 semester. Face masks must be worn in classrooms or laboratories by instructors and students at all times. All pandemic measures will be updated as needed and in accordance with the CECC’s latest announcements.

2.Please make digital courses an option for students who are unable to enter Taiwan or will be absent from classes to undergo a quarantine. Synchronous or asynchronous methods are both helpful that enable students to continue their learning in the face of the pandemic.

3.Classrooms shall be cleansed and disinfected regularly, while kept ventilated. Tools, machines and equipment used in class shall be disinfected. For the purpose of epidemic prevention, the Office of Academic Affairs will enhance the environmental cleaning and disinfection in all classroom buildings.

4.NTU COOL, the University’s digital education platform is ready and easy to use. Upon logging in to NTU COOL, instructors will see webpages of your courses in the semester of 110-2 as well as course syllabi. In addition, “Toolbox for digitalizing your courses”( and “Teaching assistant training for digital teaching” ( are available on NTU COOL.

5.U Meeting/U Webinar accounts will continue to be provided to all instructors for the 110-2 semester to facilitate the smooth implementation of digital courses. Please refer to Digital Learning Center website for more details on how to activate your accounts and training courses (

6.All the classrooms in the Zonghe Lecture Building are equipped with an Automatic Lecture Recording System. For further information about how to apply for the recording service, please visit Digital Learning Center website ( ).

7.Blended learning approaches have been promoted by the Office of Academic Affairs to better integrate physical and digital learning. We also encourage instructors to engage students in in-depth discussions. Please refer to the website of Digital Learning Center for more information.(

You are welcome to contact our staff should you have any inquiries. We wish you all the best in the new semester.

Technical consultation-Contact

*Digitalizing your courses-33663367#566、563、586

*NTU COOL-33663367#536、580、598

*U Meeting/ U Webinar-33663367#532

Office of Academic Affairs

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