As fall turns to winter, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to worsen globally. On November 18, the nation’s Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) announced it would launch the "Fall and Winter Covid-19 Prevention Project” on December 1. In accordance with this prevention project and the “Epidemic Control Measures for University and College, 2020 Academic Year” issued by the Ministry of Education, NTU will implement the following measures on December 1, to strengthen our Covid-19 prevention efforts and maintain campus safety. We urge that every NTU faculty member, researcher, staff member, student, and visitor comply fully with these rules:

  1. Please wear a mask

 (1) All non-NTU members who enter university premises must wear a mask at all times on the campus.

 (2) Everyone (NTU and non-NTU members alike) who enters a campus restaurant or cafeteria must be wearing a mask (except when eating their meal).

 (3) When a non-NTU member participates in a closed room gathering, seminar, club activity, etc., everyone present, whether a NTU member or not, must wear a mask.

  1. NTU Library

 Everyone must be wearing a mask to enter the library. Masks must be worn at all times in the library. Anyone using a study room must comply with the seating arrangement. (This seating arrangement was set up in accordance with the original epidemic prevention master plan).

  1. NTU Sports Center

 (1) The existing entry control system will be maintained. Thermal imaging cameras or NTU Epidemic Prevention No. 1 stations will be installed, to take the temperature of everyone who enters the building. Alcohol will be made available at the building entrance for people to disinfect their hands.

 (2) All NTU members (including staff) and non-NTU members who use the Sports Center must wear masks whenever they are not exercising.

 (3) The sports equipment in the fitness center must be disinfected and wiped clean every three hours.

 (4) The number of people in the fitness center and swimming pool is limited and must not exceed 80 people in the fitness center and 60 people in the swimming pool at any time.

Sincerely yours,

NTU Secretariat

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