The National Taiwan University is honored to host the 2019 Asian Engineering Deans Summit (AEDS) on May 29-31, 2019 at Taipei. The event will be the ninth installment of AEDS so far, following the previous wonderful summits in Singapore (2011), Hong Kong (2012), Seoul (2013), Beijing (2014), Singapore (2015), Hangzhou (2016), Sydney (2017), and Tokyo (2018). We look forward to welcoming our distinguished colleagues to Taipei this May.

Asian Higher Education in general and Engineering Schools in particular are experiencing historical prosperity and growth opportunities. Along with these wonderful and positive landscape, comes with numerous new challenges in an accelerating changing world. The AEDS is a platform to discuss these important issues related to engineering higher education.

The theme of the summit will be “Global Education and Innovative Technology.” Education is increasingly global in term of students and faculty, and in fact many premier universities do make extra effort of creating campuses that are global in every respect. Higher education has long been given the task of educating students that are innovative. There is no better way of teaching students to be innovative by immersing students in an innovative campus.

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