Starting March 30, NTU will enforce campus access control on the main campus to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Please bring your student/faculty/student ID card with you for campus entry.

 NTU’s campus access control policy is as follows:

 1.Seven entrances of the main campus (the area surrounded by Xinsheng South Road, Xinhai Road, Keelung Road, and Roosevelt Road) will remain accessible, and the access control policy is subject to change depending on outbreak severity.

 (1)Accessible to vehicles and pedestrians: Main Entrance, Xinhai Road Entrance, and Changxing Street Entrance.

 (2)Accessible to pedestrians and bicycles: Side Entrance at Lane 144 of Sec. 4, Keelung Road, Zhoushan Road Side Entrance (near Exit 2 of MRT Gongguan Station), New Moon Pavilion Side Entrance (on Xinsheng South Road), and Side Entrance near LTTC (on Xinhai Road).

 The Gongguan Parking Lot and the Motor Scooter Parking Lot at the corner of Roosevelt Road and Keelung Road are only accessible by valid student/faculty/staff ID card or by ID card and supporting document (see Point 3 for details).

 2.A security station will be set up at each entrance for access control starting 7:30 through 19:30 every day (including weekends).

 3.During access control, the students and colleagues of NTU System (i.e., NTU, NTUST, and NTNU) and NTU-based colleagues of Academia Sinica are required to present their student/faculty/staff ID cards upon entry. Visitors for official university affairs should produce ID cards and supporting documents (paper or digital) for proof of visiting purpose (e.g., meeting notice, invitation letter, email, visitor pass, and work pass), while visitors without any supporting documents are only permitted to enter when escorted by staff of the inviting department/institute/office on campus.

 **Visitor pass and work pass template:

 4.In addition to identity and temperature checks, all departments, institutes, and offices on campus should request visitors entering their buildings to fill out the “Severe Special Infectious Pneumonia (COVID-19) Prevention Form.”

 5.Campus Security will send out patrols to discourage tourists or unapproved visitors from staying on the campus.

 6.Other university buildings with independent entrances outside the main campus are responsible for their own access control.



 Thank you for your support and consideration.

 **Map of main campus entrances:

 **For inquiries, please contact Mr. Chang, Construction and Maintenance Division, Office of General Affairs at 02-3366-3800.

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