Electronics Laboratory

Lab 0: Introduction to the Course and Instruments

Dual Trace Oscilloscope

Function Generator

DC Power Supply

Digital Multimeter

Lab 1: DC Circuits and Capacitors

        Ohm’s Law

Voltage Divider

RC Circuit

Low-pass Filter

High-pass Filter

Filter Application

LC Filter

Lab 2: Diode Circuits

The Diode

LC Resonant Circuit

Rectifier Circuits

Diode Clamp

Diode Limiter

Lab 3: Bipolar Transistors

Transistor Junctions are Diodes

Emitter Follower

Input and Output Impedance of Follower

Single-Supply Follower

Transistor Current Gain

Current Source

Common-emitter Amplifier

Emitter Follower Buffer

Transistor Switch

Lab 4: Field-Effect Transistors

FET Characteristics

FET Current Sources

Source Follower

FET as Variable Resistor

Lab 5: Operational Amplifier I: Idealized View

Open-Loop Test Circuit

Inverting Amplifier

Non-inverting Amplifier


Current Source

Current to Voltage Converter

Summing Amplifier,

Push-pull Buffer

Lab 6: Operational Amplifier III: Positive Feedback, Good and Bad

Two Comparators

RC Oscillator

555 IC Oscillator

Sawtooth Oscillator

Triangle Oscillator,

Sine Wave Oscillator: Wien Bridge

Follower: Op Amp Instability

Lab 7: Voltage Regulators

The 723 Regulator

Three Terminal Fixed Regulator

Adjustable Three-terminal

Regulator: 317

Voltage References

”Crowbar” overvoltage protection



Lab 8: Digital Gates

Input & Output Characteristics of Integrated Gates: TTL & CMOS

Applying NANDs to Generate Particular Logic Functions

Two Inverters


\CMOS Three-State

Lab 9: Flip Flops

A primitive flip-flop: NAND Latch

D Type

J-K Type,

J-K in Counters

Shift Register

7490 Decade Counter

7447 BCD to 7 Segment Decoder

Lab 10: A/D and D/A

Weighted-Resistor DAC

R-2R Ladder DAC

DAC0800 8-Bit Digital-To-Analog Converters

ADC0804 8-Bit Analog-To-Digital Converters

ADC-To -DAC Circuit

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