Dear NTU community members,

In view of the slowdown of pandemic recently, updated measures of in-person courses are launched since March 1st, 2022:

(1)     Instructors are allowed to teach without wearing a mask. However, instructors are advised to prepare or carry masks in case of contingency; furthermore, it is required to wear a mask if having symptoms or contacting unspecified people while social distance can’t be kept.

(2)     Students are still required to wear mask throughout the on-site class.

(3)     Eating and drinking is forbidden throughout the on-site class.

(4)     Classrooms shall be cleansed and disinfected regularly, and ventilated well.

Instructors are encouraged to adopt a blended mode-a combination of online learning and in-person class-in preparation of the courses. For more information, please see the website of Digital Learning Center(

Office of Academic Affairs

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